September 7, 2011

Web Content Style and Presentation: Achieving New Readership

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Content is King

Your website’s success relies upon a number of factors. High quality website content is indeed one of the factors that can help you to gain leverage in not only acquiring new readership, but also achieving links to your website. Your website content is your primary medium to “get the word out” and relatively attract web surfers to visit your website. It is true to say that the process of developing a website encompasses the creation and the use of informative web content. However, you need to consider that it is not enough to keep your content up-to-date (so it provides fresh source of information), informative (so that it markets what your business or company can offer) and search engine optimized (so that it achieves high search engine rankings). You also have to think what readers and web surfers crave when it comes to web content. It is important to also give attention to your web content’s style and presentation.

Website Content: Then and Now

In today’s online platform, everything is about competition!! Since the dawn of the worldwide web and the stage it provides for marketing, it becomes very difficult to manage a business in an efficient way (especially that you are not alone in the industry you are in). Now more that ever, the efforts to plan and execute is doubled up. In the online business arena, a website (and its content) is the lifeline of any business. In order for this lifeline to continuously work and provide you industry influence, you must design and develop it in way that it draws attention to web readers and your industry clientele.

An online reader or surfer takes only a few seconds to decide whether to go or stay and browse your website. This few seconds decision can make or break your online success. If your website and web content does not satisfy the need of a reader or even does not spark an interest at first look, he or she will not bother to browse your site and read your content. This will be an advantage to your competition. That is why, you need to create your content is a way that it appeals immediately to your customers (this is where style and presentation becomes very significant) and offers them the clear ideas of your products and services.

Perhaps before, you only need to place the name your business/company, address, phone numbers, email address, etc. With that, you can rely on a local newspaper coverage to give you the needed traffic to your site. However, people today are savvy and their standards for web content have evolved. While online readers’ search for quality web content is scrutinizing and intellectual, the creation of web content among webmasters is strategic and inventive.

Today, information is what the web is all about. Web content is conceivably one of the sustenance that keeps the information superhighway operating. It is the reason why people come and go in the Internet everyday. The content of your site is the element that keeps your website enticing to web readers and surfers. Keep your content effective so that it attracts and motivates your readers to keep coming back. It is the determining factor of your website’s online triumph.

Web content should be: high quality, unique, free, relevant, and fresh. Creating convincing and functional content will likely influence your website. Users and readers immediately know good content when they see it and will likely share and direct it to other web users. Yes, content is important, but its style and presentation also plays an important role in gaining new readership and links to your website.

Striking The Right Balance of Style and Presentation

We have already established that offering good quality web content will help you develop your industry reputation and brand, build your web presence, and achieve high Google ranking. Your only concern now is how to present it to your readers so that they will become your “regulars” to your website.  Quality content is no good when readers don’t actually read them since they are enticed to. The main aim for good web content style and presentation is to beguile your readers, customers, and potential clients to your website and appreciate your high quality content even more.

You don’t need to be a professional web developer or an expert web designer to realize the importance of style and presentation. But if you don’t have the slightest idea on how to improve your website and web content so that it generates more readership and links, it is best to consult a web development company or a web designer. Although there is no right approach to this, you can always employ effective tactics in order to present your website’s content as effective as possible.

Your readers will not be able to read your content when they can’t find them. An important part of your web content presentation is the navigation of your website. A good navigational design of your website can help your visitor to quickly find the information they need and want. Furthermore, this will help search engines to recognize and understand the content that you think is important. As your website’s goals and content evolve through time, you need to make some adjustments to your standard navigation or quick links.

Make sure you don’t break your content into several pages. Although many believe that logically dividing content into sensible and separate pages are good, it can actually make a huge difference (a bad one at that) to your website and is a major downfall when it comes achieving new readership. This is not a good idea of presenting your web content. Lay out your content in a way that your reader or client prospect can see all information right in front of him or her. You should not go crazy about this. Cramming all information in page is not presentable. There are times, though, that you must integrate content on separate pages into one.

You should make use of headings on your pages. These headings can present structure to your readers. Through headings, you can style your content based on the hierarchy of importance. Multiple headings can help your readers navigate through your content and easily find what they need.

If your site allows it, make your main content readable at 16px. You should bear in mind that readers will only read your content if they can actually read it. Have your content legible in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Web content style and presentation is a huge topic to tackle. The tips I shared are just a scratch on a surface. The importance of quality web content and the importance of its style and presentation can better your search engine rankings, add value to your website(s), facilitate link building, ensure revisits, and increase sales.

Jeremy Oms

Jeremy Oms

Jeremy is an entrepreneur and leading manager of New Blood, Inc. Excited about all things Internet related, Jeremy spends much of his time project managing custom web applications and directing advanced search engine optimization efforts.

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