website designs

February 27, 2012

Should I Include A Rotating Banner / Slider on my Website?

Rotating banners and rotating sliders have become very common for web page designs.  In some cases, a simple rotating banner or slider can make a good website look extremely professional.  When done right, rotating sliders are an extremely effective and powerful way to draw your customers in to a group of key points on your […]

January 16, 2012

Creating An Effective Web Design Brief

Have you heard of a website design brief? What is it anyway? What does a design brief contain?  How can this help you and your online business in the competitive entrepreneurial world? Do you really need this for your website? These questions may be common for those who are starting to make a name in […]

June 12, 2010

Planning Your Website Development Budget

So you are interested in getting together a website for your business or personal reasons and have no idea where to begin in terms of how much things will cost.  You may be able to afford a variety of website development services, but you simply do not know how much each should cost.  Well, there […]