niche markets

June 15, 2011

Business Strategy: Establishing Your Business Niche

When starting out, many small-scale and large-scale business owners tend to tag their products (generally!!!) to be perfect for everyone. Many businesses always get tempted in marketing their own products or services to everybody, despite the fact that at the back of their minds they know that it is such a broad market sector to […]

June 2, 2011

Small-Scale Business: Size Does Not Matter!!

Since then and up until now, large businesses or companies tend to capture and captivate (more!!!) clientele trust, industry authority, and niche market credibility compared to small businesses. While they are not always deserving, larger companies always get that “positive image” from the buying or consuming audience. They can easily get people to patronize their […]

November 3, 2010

Being Your Own Search Engine Marketer

If funds or time permit, managing your search engine marketing strategy within your business is almost always the best solution.  Why you may ask? No body knows your niche better than you do.  No matter how much time an expert search engine marketer spends in the field researching and studying the community surrounding your niche market, […]