September 21, 2010

Search Engine Optimization in a Google Instant World

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Google instant is fresh in the eyes of searchers these days.  Now, web searchers no longer even have time to think about what they want to search for.  Before they can even finish typing in a word or phrase, google is telling them exactly what they are looking for and showing them where to locate information about it.

It is a phenomenally quick service that is going to change the way the web works.  But how does google instant effect your ability to target your website for various keywords (optimize for search engines)?   As with many other changes from Google, the Google instant feature is going to cause some significant changes to the way you will want to do research for keywords for your search engine optimization.

  • Common keywords or phrases are going to become even more powerful.  With google predicting what the user is looking for based on most commonly searched for phrases resulting from the keystrokes typed, users are going to allow google to think for them and ultimately cause for less variance in keyword usage.
  • Keywords or phrases that google is not aware of become almost invisible.  When a user is typing in a phrase that might be a related keyword or phrase to the commonly searched phrase, Google is going to automatically choose the common one as the user is typing it in and ultimately encourage the user to use the commonly searched phrase rather than typing in what they think on their own.
  • Google is going to grow their user base and cause even more separation between them and Yahoo/Bing.  Rather than using browser based search toolbars, users are going to use for more and more search queries.   Due to the quick search results, users are going to prefer using homepage as their search of choice which will ultimately steer them away from using the bing toolbar or yahoo toolbar searching.  Even though Yahoo and Bing are joining forces to grow stringer, google is still going to have some added separation from the other search giants with users jumping over to the new search service.

For the SEO professionals, or the SEO savvy web maintainer, it is highly recommended to keep on top of keyword trending.  Using keyword trending, it will be clear to see what keywords are getting significant boosts from the google instant searches.   If the trend is taking sharp spikes, then actions should be taken accordingly.

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Jeremy Oms

Jeremy is an entrepreneur and leading manager of New Blood, Inc. Excited about all things Internet related, Jeremy spends much of his time project managing custom web applications and directing advanced search engine optimization efforts.

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