June 7, 2011

ReCaptcha Tip: Force Users to Enter Valid Answer on Each Submission

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If you are a web developer, there is no doubt you are familiar with the use of the ReCaptcha tool that Google has taken ownership of.  In fact, even most users of the Internet in general will experience the ReCaptcha tool in almost every form they have to fill out now.  Why?  You guessed it, those sneaky spammers.  They are constantly looking for ways to use automated systems to gain some sort of advantage online.

NewBlood highly recommends using recaptcha on pretty much every form you place on your websites.  If the spammers haven’t found the form yet, they will, and for some reason they will find it important to send at least 10 submissions a day.

The most common thing we find needing a ReCaptcha form is a new user registration.  If your website allows users to sign up, it is imparative that you make sure you are finding out whether the user is a genuine registration or a computer bot.

Our latest tip on using recaptcha is a simple one.   You may find that after a default installation of ReCaptcha, your system may still get spam attempts.  By default ReCaptcha allows a user to complete a verification once, and then that will store a cookie satisfying any future needs on other forms (or even the same form).   Well, it doesn’t take a genius to realize, all the spam bots need to do is get the captcha answer correct once and then they are home free to attack the site over and over again.

To fix, simply make sure your ReCaptcha settings are set to force the user to re-enter the captcha clue on each submission.  Yes, it is not as user friendly, but it is the best solution at this point in time to ensure the spam bots do not nullify your spam blocking system.

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