June 12, 2010

Planning Your Website Development Budget

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website development budget

So you are interested in getting together a website for your business or personal reasons and have no idea where to begin in terms of how much things will cost.  You may be able to afford a variety of website development services, but you simply do not know how much each should cost.  Well, there are a number of factors that go into play when figuring out how much a given website will cost to create.

  1. How big is the website? – Although the size of the website does not necessarily play a major role in how much development costs, it does influence how you should think about the rest of the questions.  For example, do you already have a site structure in mind such as categories, sections, and pages?  Is the content already created or is it something that needs to be created?  Quite simply, the size of the website is not what is going to make or break your budgeting, it is how you want the site prepared or developed.
  2. Do you want to be able to manage the data and content on your own through a content management system? – Many people are not sure what this means.  In simple terms, do you want to be able to make changes to the website when you want to by logging in to a management area on your website?  If so, then you likely want to have a content management system set up for you.
  3. Do you need a logo? – Logos are your brand on the Internet.  While you may not think a logo is that important, businesses should be aware that a good logo can sometimes make or break a business.  Whether your business is a brick and mortar business or you are simply an Internet company, a good logo will be remembered by your customers and greatly assist a strong marketing campaign.
  4. Do you need website design? – Be aware, website design is different from website development.  Website design simply is a matter of creating the look of your website, including logo, colors, fonts, layout and site structure.  However, one thing to remember when it comes to website design is “simple is often better“.  If you look at some of the more popular websites, Google or Facebook for example, these sites are very simple when it comes to design.   It greatly depends on your market and audience, but it is often wise to remember that great content trumps even the best of web designs!
  5. Are you looking to include flash? – Flash is what allows for the fancy moving parts on many websites.  While flash can my for some really fancy looking websites, it comes at a price.  One, it is often slow to load on computers without a fast internet connection.  In a world where you may only have a second to show your web page to a potential customer, the slow load time can hinder some user experiences.  In addition, flash has suffered some great setbacks by the fact the Apple and in particular the iPhone have not supported their development.
  6. Are you writing your own content?Content is king! You may only have a few sentences to engage with a potential customer.  It is important that all content you write be of the highest caliber.  You want that no matter what section of a site your customers are reading, that they are reading high quality information.  You should be aware that while website designers my be great at designing websites, they may not be the best at writing content for your specific audience.  It is critical to find a good balance between the two to make a great website that will last.
  7. Are you going to be marketing the website yourself? – An often overlooked part of website development planning is including a budget and time for marketing your new site.  Are you going to be in charge of your own social media marketing?  A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay almost as much for development as you will for marketing.  You may think this is crazy, but the only way to make a great website visible to the Internet world is to take time and effort to get it seen.  A healthy marketing budget is a smart way to solve this.
  8. Search Engine Optomization (SEO) – One of the reasons you will want to have a marketing budget in place is for search engine optimization.  It is not news to anyone that being visible on Google or other search engines is a very important means of generating new users and customers.  However, getting your site high in ranking  so that it is shown up first on search engine results is often a very  time intensive task.  If you are not willing to spend some significant amount of time learning SEO, this may be a pricey portion of your marketing budget.  The best SEO consultants charge great amounts because it takes so long to become the best and keep up with the technology.
  9. Paying for clicks – The way of the Internet is taking a major shift recently.  Website are finding easy ways to target specific customers by paying for their clicks on optimized click engines, such as Google Adsense.  The quickest way to get targeted users coming to your site is through pay per click advertising.  The problem is, once the money is gone for the advertising, so are the customers.  That is the greatest difference between Search Engine Optimization and Paying for clicks to your website.

Here are some Ball Park estimates when it comes to figuring out how much you could be spending on your website development.

Average Hourly Rates

  • Student/Offshore $15 – $30/hour
  • Freelancer/Company $25 – $75
  • Expert Consultant $50 – $250
  • Professional Firm $75 – $200

Average Cost Guide

  • Logo Design:
    • $100 – $250+ (Student or Offshore)
    • $250 – $1000+ (Professional Designer)
  • Basic Brochure Website:
    • $500 – $1000+ (Student / Offshore)
    • $1500 – $5000+ (Professional Designer)
  • E-Commerce Website:
    • $1000 – $5,000+ (Outsourced Offshore)
    • $2000 – $10,000+ (Experienced Developer)
  • Custom Database / Interactive Website:
    • $1500 – $15,000+ (Offshore)
    • $2500 – $25,000+ (Experienced Developer)

In conclusion, this document may not have given you the numbers you wanted to see for you website needs.  However, if you read through this document and can answer most of these questions relatively easily, getting a quick ballpark quote from an authorized sales support member is going to be a breeze.  You can always expect that New Blood will give you the highest service for you investment.


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