October 31, 2011

Measuring SEO Success

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SEO and SEO Performance- In order to succeed in the online business world, an entrepreneur recognizes that his website should be well-maintained SEO-wise and should perform impeccably. Setting a website is one of the foremost steps in establishing an online business. A website is a very significant lifeline of any online business. When your website is designed and deployed, its success is determined by several factors. An efficient website is one that does not only attract visitors, but also encourages those who visit to stay, to engage on the pages, and to browse deeper through the site.

Optimizing your website will not only increase your search engine rankings, but also boost the number of visits, and generate more online leads and sales for your business. Yet, there are many online business owners having websites who don’t know the importance of measuring their SEO efforts. There is no use in employing SEO strategies without measuring how well they are helping you gain visits and revenue. So, why do you need to appraise your SEO efforts? What do you need to measure?

The Importance of Measuring SEO Efforts

Believe me or not, there is much focus given on optimizing a website just to rank high in search engines. Website owners are giving more attention in keeping their website on the first or second page of search engine results pages on a specific or targeted keyword. If you are only focused on that aspect of SEO, you will never go further from where you are now!! This clouds the very vital aspect of SEO which is to increase visits, decrease bounce rate, and augment conversion.

The key to successful Search Engine Optimization does not only lie on just changing things at once and wait with fingers crossed if those changes can bring you more visits and get you better revenue. You need to remember that SEO doesn’t stop when you have employed the strategies. Usually, some online entrepreneurs immediately change and shift to another strategy when they don’t notice better results from their previously employed SEO tactic. Why don’t they evaluate first their existing SEO strategies before abandoning them?

You need to continually monitor how your website is performing. If you are engaged in a very competitive industry niche, you need more than just the ordinary modification of your website content and keywords for you to achieve the results you are after. In order for you to escape the exhaustive task of overhauling your SEO plan again, you can measure first your SEO performance. If results are positive, that is well and good. But if results are negative, measuring your SEO efforts can help determine which area or strategy you need to improve and which you need to ditch.

Measuring the effectiveness of your SEO tactics is a crucial step in bringing your business to the next level. Only when you get the figures and measure them can you establish if your online marketing strategies are working or if it needs polishing.

Key Performance Indicators


Like how Ani Lopez explained in her post Measuring SEO Performance at Dynamical.biz, you can do away with the overwhelming process of facing too many metrics, dimensions, numbers, and charts to measure how your SEO efforts are performing. You can do with just focusing on three basic and very significant key performance indicators. These are:

  • Number of Visitors
  • Bounce Rate and Page Views per Visit
  • Conversion Rate

Number of Visitors

One of the basic yet very effective indicators of the efficiency of your website is through the total number of people who visited it.  It is best to determine your number of visits on month wherein you are not doing any unusual offline marketing activities. You can take the step even further. Aside from determining the total visits to your site, you can further determine the number of unique visitors, new and old visitors and the frequency of visits and visitors. The number of visits to your site can help you realize your audience reach.

Bounce Rate and Page Views per Visit

Now if you are getting many page views, but with a high bounce rate, this will tell you that you are driving the wrong traffic to your website. The bounce rate of your site is also very crucial since this will tell you the type of traffic that is landing on your website and how engaging your website is to your visitors. A high bounce rate will indicate that your visitors don’t find your content valuable. They don’t bother to browse deeper on your pages and leave immediately.

You need to lower your bounce rate and strive to increase your page view per visit. A high page view rate will specify that your visitors consider your content worthwhile and are willing to spend more time with your website.

Conversion Rate

Since your website involves selling products and services, you seek to convert your visitors into your customers. Set on the goal for your website to persuade your visitor to do something, whether to purchase something or to sign up to your newsletter. Visitors convert to customers when they like your website or purchase your products or services.

To get your conversion rate, you can divide the number of customers by the number of visitors then multiply it by 100. If you get 10,000 visitors who visit your landing page in a month and then out of them 102 purchase your product, you will have a conversion rate of 1.02. Clearly, the higher your conversion rate, the higher profit you will earn from your business.

So basically, you need to concentrate on the following: increase your total site visits, decrease visits that are bouncing, decreasing not bouncing-not converting visits, and increasing not bouncing-converting visits. Getting really focused on escalating the volume of your website visit and at the same time increasing your conversion rate is the manner to drive up the performance and optimization of your website.

While you monitor your SEO performance, you must also adjust your goals and metrics in order to stay ahead of your competition. Like any other area of your online business, the best way to be successful is incessant refinement and persistent evaluation.

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Jeremy Oms

Jeremy is an entrepreneur and leading manager of New Blood, Inc. Excited about all things Internet related, Jeremy spends much of his time project managing custom web applications and directing advanced search engine optimization efforts.

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