April 4, 2011

How To Score Higher Ranks Amidst Google Algo Change

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The staged algorithm shift of Google or widely recognized as ‘The Big Panda Update‘ has left many websites feeling luckier than others. Good for those who have been known as high-quality sites because the algorithm modifications that Google had set by some means favoured them. The change, undoubtedly, affected other sites especially those low quality ones (content farms and scraper sites). Now, The Big Panda Update has left them somehow crippled in terms of their search result numbers or rankings. However, seeing it in a bigger picture, this algorithm change has managed to dramatically shake up the businesses of websites (even those considered as good quality ones) to move up and down in its search rankings. Some of them may come as winners or losers in this big Google algorithm update.

Some of the noted losers in this algorithm shift are the so-called content farms. Goggle’s change may have drastically harmed sites like Mahalo (in which may web critics regarded as a site that hoard content for the sole purpose of attracting search-engine traffic). Mahalo and other (loser) sites experienced a dropped in their Goggle-generated traffic to almost 75% as an aftermath of this algorithm tweak.

So, how do you avoid being negatively affected by this Big Panda Update? What should content producers and website owners do to avoid losing traffic in the light of this algorithm shift? Read on to discover some advice and tips to avoid hitting rock-bottom in terms of search engine rankings.

But before that, let us know more about Mahalo and the algorithm shiftís impact on them. We shall also learn what Mahalo did when they were affected by Google’s Algo change.

A Look At Mahalo.com

Mahalo.com is a web directory or a human search engine. It differs from algorithmic search engines like Google and other directory sites as it tracks and builds hand-crafted result sets for many popular search terms. Mahalo is founded by Jason Calanis on 2007 with their slogan which is “We’re here to help.” In Hawaiian, Mahalo means “thank you.”

Mahalo.com directory contract humans to review submitted websites and include them in the index of search engine listings. When you use Mahalo.com in searching, its result pages will provide you with the top seven sites which are coupled with other categorized information and additional web pages from Google. All the websites that Mahalo.com will include in their search result pages are all reviewed and approved by human editors before they are integrated or incorporated in the indexing system.

This use of human-powered search engine proves to be beneficial. It will decrease your exposure to spam and phishing sites. This will improve search results devoid of search spam from low quality sites like those filled with too much advertisement or those that distribute malware and scams. Many webmasters and web administrators have invested interest in seeing their own sites be included in the search listings when approved by Mahalo.com. And these webmasters know that any garbage wonít get through Mahaloís review team and terms.

While Google and other search engines rely heavily on search engine optimization, Mahalo.com’s human-powered system will produce search results that are more relevant and of a much higher-quality. In Google and other search engines, search results can be easily manipulated, thus distorting the relevance and quality.

What Are Humans Doing At Mahalo?

The humans hired by Mahalo are making the decisions on what information that are most commonly searched. They don’t just do these by randomly picking topics or subjects and results. Mahaloís staffs are taking computer statistics, search engine information, and internet patterns, then re-interpret and index them to be able to be used by other humans in a functional and practical way. Through this, it will reduce the efforts of those searching the web since results are reorganized for them, thereby leading the web searchers and users to the information relevant to them.

Goggle’s Algo Modificationís Impact To Mahalo.com

Many users of Mahalo.com are very pleased of its design and implementation of their very useful system of information search. Aside from a time-saving system, it also saves users from frustrations and disappointments from not being able to find what they are searching for. Malaho intended their system for their users to spend more time enjoying the content they find, not searching for it. However, in the recent shift of Google search algorithms, it has affected Mahalo.com.

Why was Mahalo.com affected?

Although Goggle’s algorithm change is subtle, the most recent changes can be seen immediately. As the algorithm change is targeted to satisfy the usersí yearnings of seeing less low-quality sites in search engine results, content farms (including Mahalo) were slammed big time. The effects are noticeable in many web properties that rely on the worldís biggest search engine to drive traffic to their site. Mahalo is no exception. As it is known (or has been accused of) of using tactics of building up web content based on most-searched keywords, Mahalo suffered a dropped in its traffic. While initial reports said that only small web companies that rely on organic traffic to make sales should be concerned of being largely affected by the algorithm change, Mahaloís traffic plummet is evidenced that even ìbig web companiesî have the potential to be hurt.

As Mahalo got hammered extremely by the Algo Change, it has to trim off its 10% of their staff. Despite their efforts not to, Goggle’s shift has led to a noteworthy plunge in their traffic and revenue. Mahalo executives disclosed that it is quite disappointing for them since they have spent millions of dollars in producing ìhighly qualifiedî content. They have also eliminated some non-essential services in their company and they are re-evaluating their freelance content production.

Avoiding Being Hit By Goggle Algo Changes

Personally, if you ask me, there is no need to be alarmed by the recent Google algorithm shift. As long as you are doing some very good tactics that will satisfy the algorithm, not to go around it. You should not cheat against the new set algorithm because your site(s) will suffer tremendously.

When developing your web content, you need to have someone write on the subject matter that he or she is expert or credible about. Outsourcing can also be an option when producing web content. You must remember only to hire writing professional who either already is knowledgeable of the subject matter or who can spend ample time to research about it. Don’t struggle on the keywords, but definitely plan for them. They will naturally fit into the original and high-quality content without imposing them too much. Even if many say duplicate content is ok, I believe that it is bad.

You need to also take time to study what your visitors or users need and want. This will help you and your websites to be better equipped to provide answers and content that is useful and helpful. With visitors or users on mind, you need to build a web site that is friendly to them. Apart from your content, you need to also check your navigation, photos, forms, and landing pages.

You should also make certain that your codes are search-engine friendly. Constantly review your content titles, tags, and links. Writing meaning articles that are very interesting can add value to your websites. Couple these original and unique articles with keyword links. However, you need to be careful in link building. You must keep away from using link farms or obvious spam sites.

Keep your website fresh and updated. If possible, add content and other details regularly. This will not only increase visitors to be interested on your site, but also will sustain your ranks.

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