Good enough is never good enough.

— Jack Welch

Telestream’s Screenflow 4 Running Out of Space

For some reason, when trying to export/share lengthy video recordings with Telestream’s Screenflow, I was continually running out of hard drive space on my main hard drive.   I have many external hard drives with terabytes of space on them, but no matter what hard drive I specified as my scratch drive in the screenflow […]

The Secret to Developing a Mobile Content Strategy

Again and again, mobile traffic continues to outpace growth predictions. With some estimates indicating that total mobile traffic has already matched or overtaken desktop traffic and other placing the numbers at closer to 40%, the takeaway here is that mobile’s stake in total browsing traffic is no longer safely able to be ignored. Indeed, smartphones have […]

Morstein’s Jewelers of Federal Hill, Baltimore has Closed their Doors

For 116 years, Morstein’s Jewelers has been committed to offering the finest quality jewelry available at the best possible prices, and always with the personal attention and care. As of January 2015, Sonny Morstein, long time owner and manager of Morstein’s Jewelers has retired. Sonny, honored recipient of a special Mayor’s Business Recognition Award, received a […]

Building a Linkbuilding Team: The Salesteam

Linkbuilding is one of the key elements in growing your authority as specialist in your desired niche. In the old days – I mean 1 or 2 years ago – you could simply outsource your linkbuilding to any old individual, usually overseas and at a rate of somewhere between $1/hr and $1.25/hr.  Now if you […]

Mozilla’s switch to Yahoo! by default, big deal, little deal, no deal?

If you are a Mozilla firefox user, you will likely notice that the latest update to your firefox browser will change the default search engine to Yahoo!. For those whole love using Google as a search engine, this just feels like an annoyance forcing you to change your default browser back to Google in your […]

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