In your business decisions, risk only money…never people or relationships. — Jack DeBoer

The fight against spam comments

It seems like every time I log in to work on a blog post, I get sucked out of my desire to write a new and compelling article by sifting through annoying and unintelligible spam comments.  Sure, it only take about 5 minutes to go through and bulk delete any comment that uses the word […]

Top 5 Takeaways from SMX West 2014: Great Tips for SEOs and Web Publishers

SMX West 2014 in San Jose presented by Search Engine Land is the complete Search Engine Marketing and Optimizing conference for both experienced and middle of the road online marketers.  This conference is specifically targeted for the SEO and SEM community.  We can see that there is a fantastic change occurring where the focus for […]

Beware! SEOs Are Going to be Getting Desparate in 2014

The playing field for the SEO is changing drastically.  2014 is the year that the SEO is 80% focused on content.  Creating new highly compelling content, and getting rid of any sub-par content.  For SEO groups still living in the age of early 2013 and prior, its time to revamp your strategies.   I was sitting […]

Organized and Clean for the New Year

It’s a miracle!  I’ve already successfully accomplished my goal of 2014.  Well, I’ve successfully accomplished the first phase of the goal,  That is to get clean and organized.  Only 364 more days left to fully be successful. Day one of 2014 consisted of ‘Out with the old, in with the clean’.  Documents and papers that […]

Getting the Most Out of Vlogging In Today’s Digital Marketing World

In today’s digital marketing world, it is no secret that video converts much better than text. While blogging efforts are praised (as they should be), vlogging takes these efforts a step further. What is “vlogging?” Vlogging is short for video blogging. Instead of taking your advice, tips, and tricks to a Word doc, you take […]

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