In your business decisions, risk only money…never people or relationships. — Jack DeBoer

Building a Linkbuilding Team: The Salesteam

Linkbuilding is one of the key elements in growing your authority as specialist in your desired niche. In the old days – I mean 1 or 2 years ago – you could simply outsource your linkbuilding to any old individual, usually overseas and at a rate of somewhere between $1/hr and $1.25/hr.  Now if you […]

Mozilla’s switch to Yahoo! by default, big deal, little deal, no deal?

If you are a Mozilla firefox user, you will likely notice that the latest update to your firefox browser will change the default search engine to Yahoo!. For those whole love using Google as a search engine, this just feels like an annoyance forcing you to change your default browser back to Google in your […]

Budgeting for SEO costs: How to make it work

So you know your favorite keywords, you know what people are searching for within your niche. You have seen the data that shows hundreds or thousands of unique visitors each day are hunting for [your favorite search term].   And the kicker is you offer a solution to exactly what those poor people are browsing for. […]

Lost your Google Rankings? Likely LinkBuilding the Cause

In 2013 & 2014, small businesses were hit with some of the more devious algorithm changes.  Not only did Google’s algorithm start deeply analyzing the link structure of a website, but they started doling out penalties if the link structures were at an abnormal threshold. This meant that websites that had done, how do you […]

Rate Increase for Freelance Developers

Complete Video Transcript In just 3 days, oDesk will increase their minimum rate to $3 per hour. If this causes concern for you, you might be using oDesk the wrong way. In case you are not aware, oDesk is a fantastic place to locate coders, developers, and freelancers for hire. It is a powerful way […]

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