If you don’t make dust, you eat it. — Bernard Marcus

Lost your Google Rankings? Likely LinkBuilding the Cause

In 2013 & 2014, small businesses were hit with some of the more devious algorithm changes.  Not only did Google’s algorithm start deeply analyzing the link structure of a website, but they started doling out penalties if the link structures were at an abnormal threshold. This meant that websites that had done, how do you […]

Rate Increase for Freelance Developers

Complete Video Transcript In just 3 days, oDesk will increase their minimum rate to $3 per hour. If this causes concern for you, you might be using oDesk the wrong way. In case you are not aware, oDesk is a fantastic place to locate coders, developers, and freelancers for hire. It is a powerful way […]

Stockeon Shutting Down, But MotionVFX Still Going Strong

As your online business begins to flourish and grow and completely dominate your niche market, the next step is often to see how you might be able to expand your reach into bigger spaces.  In effect, taking a company from being the big fish in a small pond, to a small fish in a big […]

Link Building by Purchasing Old Un-Used Domains: Don’t Do It!

In a video I posted last year, I was excited to hear ideas from Alex Becker and especially Pat Flynn whom I follow frequently in his business undertakings. The video discussed the state of SEO and especially the state of back linking. At that time, google had implemented an update which had destroyed some of […]

The fight against spam comments

It seems like every time I log in to work on a blog post, I get sucked out of my desire to write a new and compelling article by sifting through annoying and unintelligible spam comments.  Sure, it only take about 5 minutes to go through and bulk delete any comment that uses the word […]

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