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NewBlood, Inc., providing web development services to help businesses grow since 1997 to the Baltimore, Maryland and outlying areas(Note: NewBlood now supporting Redlands, CA and the local southern California area). NewBlood delivers website design, custom web application development, eCommerce solutions, and database development. Combining our years of experience in the business with technical expertise, NewBlood strives to deliver top-level results for all projects basic to complex.

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  • Website Design and Development

    We pride ourselves on listening. We must first understand your goals before we can design and develop a webste that delivers results. Our christian web design team of graphic artists and top-notch programmers provides the talent needed to create unique and attractive Web sites. How much will my website cost?
  • Custom Web Application Development

    Our experienced team is ready to tackle a variety web site application needs. Whether customizing current application systems, drupal website development, or developing an entire solution, our team will see the project through from start to completion ensuring all needs are met within a desired budget. Consider including google adsense to sure up return on investment.
  • eCommerce Solutions

    Want to put your products on the Web? NewBlood provides a wide variety of solutions, from basic online shopping carts to complete back-end integration with your existing systems, eliminating the need to maintain seperate databases. From complex shopping carts with thousands of products to more target shopping carts with less than 10 products, we are ready to offer the solution that is best for your needs.
  • Database Development

    For more advanced web applications that require a database, NewBlood has many years of experience and training. We have developed high end database applications in a number of the top performing database platforms including powerful content managment systems such as Joomla!, Drupal, Wordpress, and Interspire Shopping Cart. With complete comfort creating full blown database designs from scratch, we are confident we can find the best solution that meets your needs. Ask our sales staff how we might best develop a database package for you.
  • Professional SEO Services

    Professional SEO Services
    Search engine optimization (SEO) has quickly become one of our top requested services. Why? Because SEO makes all the development work, time, and money put into building a website worth every ounce of effort. With quility SEO planning and implementation, you can expect that you are going to come away with is quality targeted web traffic geared towards your specific target niche. Through years and years of studying, testing, researching, and trial-and-error, our SEO team is extremely capable of getting your site quality traffic, ready to turn your website into a profit machine. How much does SEO service cost?
  • Web Hosting

    NewBlood maintains industrial-strength Linux webservers capable of handling sites with heavy traffic and secure server requirements. With full nightly and weekly backups, you can rest assured that your valuable website data is in safe hands.
  • Web Marketing

    NewBlood will work with you to develop an effective Web marketing plan that meets your budget. Everything from Search Engine Optimization to social media integration, we can plan a smart course of action which can help create a powerful new visibility for your target audience.
  • Web Media

    NewBlood media is able to revolutionize the way you interact with your clients. Through advanced flash applications or incorporation of video content, media technlology on your website is just a phone call away.
  • Advanced Data Recovery

    Hard Drive Crashed? Operating system will not boot? NewBlood uses some of the leading data recovery software to support our client's data recovery. See how our advanced data recovery techniques can recover your valuable data!
  • eReader Development

    Do you have a book ready to be delivered to get delivered the rapidly expanding online eReader network? Do you have a blog that you want to get syndicated and delivered for eReader consumption? Now is the time to jump into the rapidly expanding market of eBook development so your books can be purchased or shared on eReaders such as the Kindle, BeBook Neo, Nook, the eReader, etc...
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